Collaboration Plan

  1. The “Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level Project” of Standing Committee on Language Education and Research is to optimize the school-based language course, enhance teachers’ teaching techniques, and lay a strong foundation on children's abilities on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  2. “Develop children’s willingness to experience and explore” of Education Bureau Visiting Support Program, the program aims to improve teachers’ skills of designing curriculum and techniques, encourage children to use the five senses to explore and learn, induce children's curiosity, inquiry, active knowledge seeking and problem-solving skills, and cultivate values and attitudes of respecting and caring for nature.
  3. "Encourage Reading to Promote Children's Language Development" of The Education Bureau's school-based support programme, it plans appropriate teaching on reading strategies, optimizes the language learning environment, creates a reading atmosphere, and cultivates interest in language learning.
  4. Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme – “Implementing Diversified Art Activities”, it aims to optimize the school-based arts and crafts curriculum, arouse children's willingness to experience and explore the joy of creation, inspire imagination and the ability of creative thinking.
  5. The 2022/23 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach Program provides free vaccination services for children in kindergartens and child care centers.
  6. The 2022/23 " Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project" provides free dental check-up services for young children.
  7. The 2021/22 "2019 Covid-19 Vaccination Program" provides free vaccination services for young children.
  8. The 2021/22 "CUHK Jockey Club Myopia Prevention Program" provides free eye examination service for kindergarten and children of nursery class.



First Birthday Party

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